Western Roundup and Rockathon – Sept 16 2017 6pm

Howdy Pardners!  This year we are combining our Rockathon and our fall fundraiser into one grand event, the Western Roundup and Rockathon!


And with pies!




We’ll swing our partners Saturday September 16th in the Parish Hall of St Francis’ Episcopal Church, 399 San Fernando Way in San Francisco. You can order your tickets, sponsor a rocker or dancer, or be an event underwriter all by clicking here. So join us Sept 16th! You’ll have a whale of a good time while also helping to support the many worthwhile activities of St Francis’ Episcopal Church.

Our caller this year is Erik Hoffman. Check out this video of one of his barn dances.  And this one too.  Want to see our flyer for the event?  Here you go.



           “Sounds like a good deal to me!”                             “Yup, shorly do!”