Rector Search Update

Search Update 

As October lies ahead and the program year has commenced, this time presents a good chance to check in with the parish with an update on the Rector Search. Our Interim Rector is settling into her first quarter with us. The vestry is beginning to gather names and define characteristics of search committee members. They would like to put together a representative group and are taking time and care to think through the composition of a committee. If you have suggestions for names, please talk to a member of the vestry. 

In the meantime, the vestry will review the previous parish survey as they compile an updated survey. This survey will be distributed in the parish and its results will help in producing the Parish Profile. 

We feel good about the timing and unfolding of the process. Please continue to pray for this congregation of St. Francis’ now and as we move forward: 

O God of patient and gentle strength, who knows our needs even before we ask, may your loving presence guide us as we seek the next settled rector for St. Francis’. Give us an open spirit, discerning hearts and clear minds, that we may trust your will for us and become ever more united as we walk the way of Christ. Inspire our conversation, deepen our prayer, and make us a community of humility and grace. Bless our current lead-ership and encourage us in transition. All this we ask through your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen.