Our Organ

The Pipe Organ at St. Francis’ Episcopal Church, San Francisco

Our Vestry signed an agreement with Hupalo & Repasky Pipe Organs of San Leandro for additions and tonal improvements to our pipe organ, which was built in 1971 by the Werner Bosch Orgelbau (opus 604), in Kassel, Germany. This additional current work was paid for by our Music Fund, an ongoing fund of memorials and contributions given specifically for music at St. Francis. The work included rescaling the 4’ Principal pipes, adding an offset wind chest and set of 8’ Principal pipes that will be playable both on the Hauptwerk and the Pedal division, and improving the balance and loudness of the existing 16’ Pommer pipes in the Pedal division. The goal of this work was to give the organ a warmer, fuller sound. Hupalo & Repasky also did the recent renovations to the organ that were part of our capital campaign (including new keyboards and console features, cleaning, and other work). Work on these improvements were finished in time for our October 11, 2009, Evensong.

Built by Werner Bosch Orgelbau, Kassel, Germany, this instrument was installed and voiced by Mr. John West of San Francisco.

The Organists of St. Francis’ Episcopal Church

Prior to 1937 – Unknown; no records
1937-1942 – Carleton Peters
1942-1943 – Dale Hamilton Evans
1943-1944 – Elliot Brack
1944-1947 – Phoebe Cole
1947-1948 – John M. Lyon
1948-1949 – Dr. D. Sterling Wheelwright
1949-1957 – Robert Sproul
1957-1960 – Edgar Parrott
1960-1965 – David Rothe
1965-1967 – Malcolm Cole
1967-1980 – Sandra Soderlund Bielawa
1980-1987 – David Fellers
1987-1992 – Robert Gurney
1992-1996 – Phillip Manwell
1997-2016 – Robert J. Kerman
2017-            Charles Fermeglia