Sign up Sponsors for the Rockathon

Planning to be a rocker or line dancer at the upcoming Rockathon and Western Roundup?  You can easily make your own form, or send out emails to family and friends.  Use the paragraph below and then be sure to record the name, pledge amount, and contact info for your sponsors.

Or, ask your sponsors to fill out the online form here.

“Please consider supporting my parish home, St Francis’ Episcopal Church, by sponsoring me as a rocker/dancer at our upcoming “Western Roundup and Rockathon.”  Set for Saturday September 16, the event will feature music, dancing and a country style dinner.  We are raising money through ticket sales and donations from our dear friends and families and hope you will consider participating.  You can donate online at, or pledge based on my rocking and line dancing at the event. Thank you so much!  Any amount is gratefully accepted.”