Gift Card Fundraiser

Get your retailer gift cards via St Francis’ Episcopal Church!

Now you can do your shopping and benefit St Francis Episcopal Church at the same time! St Francis’ has joined the Great Lakes gift card program.  Every time you shop at retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, Home Depot, Safeway, Walmart, Target and many others you can make sure St Francis’ receives a small rebate.   All you need to do is purchase retailer gift cards linked to St Francis’ and use those when you shop.

  • • Shop at Safeway and St Francis’ gets 4%.
  • • Buy an Amazon gift card and St Francis’ gets 2.5%.
  • • A cup of coffee at Starbucks?  11% goes to St Francis.
  • • Home Depot? 7%.   Macy’s? 10%.   Gap or Old Navy, 20%!

There are hundreds of retailers you can choose from. You can see the full list at

So how do you get the cards?  Two ways. You can place an order with our program coordinator, Claudia Quinn on most Sundays after the 10am service, give Claudia your check made out to St Francis Episcopal Church, and Claudia places the order. The gift cards are shipped to the church, then Claudia gives you your cards usually the following Sunday.  Download the order form by clicking here: Gift Card Order Form.  That’s one way.

But there’s a faster way, by ordering online.  To order online you’ll need to set up a ShopWithScrip account with PrestoPay capability. The ShopWithScrip account makes sure all your orders go to benefit St Francis’. The PrestoPay capability lets you pay via your bank account using the same Automated Clearing House process used for direct deposit, Social Security, and billions of other transactions. It’s been around since 1974 and is very secure.

How to sign up online. First, get yourself a ShopWithScrip account as follows:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on the “Join a Scrip Program” under the “For Families” heading.
  3. Enter enrollment code E97B1C8L57689.  That tells Great Lakes you are benefitting St Francis’.
  4. Fill out the form including choosing a Username and Password. You only need to fill out the items with an asterisk *.   (You don’t need to enter a student’s name.)
  5. Be sure to enter the “captcha” security validation at the bottom of the page where it says Validation. It will be two words which you need to enter separated by a space.

You now have a ShopWithScrip account and could, if you wish, order retailer cards then pay via check to Claudia as described above. But there’s no need to wait so long. Take one more step and sign up for PrestoPay. Then you can pay online and get your gift card immediately.  You’ll be able to print it out at home to use at the store, or use it to add value to your online account with, for example, Amazon, or you can even take a pic of the card’s barcode and use your smartphone to buy coffee at Starbucks!  All within the space of a few minutes.  Another advantage of PrestoPay is, the service charge is only 15₵ whereas, if you order physical cards to be delivered to St Francis, the service and shipping charges are much higher.

How to sign up for PrestoPay:

  1. Once you have a ShopWithScrip account, sign into your account at or at
  2. Click on “Dashboard” at the top of the page to enter your Dashboard.
  3. Click on the PrestoPay link on your Dashboard. It’s down to the right.
  4. Enter your bank account information.
  5. Within 2-3 business days, Great Lakes Scrip Center will deposit two small amounts in your bank account. Check your bank account in a couple of days, and make a note those amounts.
  6. Sign into your ShopWithScrip account. Click on PrestoPay and enter those two small amounts in yourPrestoPay registration to verify your account.  (Although the website says enter like this: 0.23 it doesn’t seem to work unless you don’t enter just the two digits to the right of the decimal point, such as .23.)
  7. You’ll then be asked to choose and enter a four-digit PIN between 1000 and 9999.  Make a note of your PIN and keep it safe.
  8.  A new page will then appear with a PrestoPay approval code (you’ll also get it via email) which you must send to our Coordinator, Claudia Quinn, (
  9. Claudia will enter that code into her Coordinator account, activating your PrestoPay capability
  10.  Once Claudia does that, your PrestoPay account is active. You won’t get a notification. But if you go to your Dashboard and click on PrestoPay you are all set if it says “You currently have a PrestoPay™ account. Would you like to deactivate it?”  (Don’t deactivate it!).

Now to the main event. How to shop! 

  1. Sign into your ShopWithScrip account.
  2. Click on “Shop” or any of the various other ways to see participating retailers.
  3. Choose what you want. If your preferred retailer offers a “ScripNow” version of their cards, that means you can print it out at home right away.
  4. When you are done shopping, click on “Cart” at the upper right, and you’ll see your electronic shopping cart.
  5. Choose PrestoPay as your payment method. It should be selected already as the default payment method.
  6. Enter your PrestoPay PIN number in the box provided and click on “Submit Order”.
  7. You’ll then be taken to an order confirmation screen. If you ordered a ScripNow certificate to print at home, the confirmation screen will say “Your ScripNow will be available in a few minutes” with a link. Go to that ScripNow link (you’ll also get it via email) and, click on the “view” link next to the card you ordered. You’ll get an image of your card with a barcode on it that you can print out and use at the store.
  8. If ScripNow is not available for your choice, or you want a physical (plastic generally) card, those cards will be shipped with the weekly order.  Deadline to be included in the weekly shipping is Tuesday 9AM.  Cards ordered and paid for prior to that deadline will be available at church the following Sunday.

That’s it! Written out like this maybe it sounds a bit complicated, but that’s for security purposes to protect you.  And it’s really not all that difficult. Claudia Quinn and Drake Pike have already done it and it went very smoothly.

If you have any questions when setting things up please call or email Claudia Quinn, St. Francis’ Episcopal Church Scrip Coordinator, tel 650-228-4698 or Drake Pike, Church Treasurer at tel 626 200 6077.

Happy shopping!