Gift Card Fundraiser

Get your retailer gift cards via St Francis’ Episcopal Church!

Now you can do your shopping and benefit St Francis Episcopal Church at the same time! St Francis’ has joined the Great Lakes gift card program.  Every time you shop at retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, Home Depot, Safeway, Walmart, Target and many others you can make sure St Francis’ receives a small rebate.   All you need to do is purchase retailer gift cards linked to St Francis’ and use those when you shop.

  • • Shop at Safeway and St Francis’ gets 4%.
  • • Buy an Amazon gift card and St Francis’ gets 2.5%.
  • • A cup of coffee at Starbucks?  11% goes to St Francis.
  • • Home Depot? 7%.   Macy’s? 10%.   Gap or Old Navy, 20%!

There are hundreds of retailers you can choose from. You can see the full list at

You can purchase gift cards either in person from our program coordinator, Claudia Quinn, on most Sundays after the 10am service, or online.  The order form can be printed out by clicking on download below.  

To purchase online, set up an account at  Click on the “Join a Scrip Program” button (under “For Families” ) and enter our enrollment code E97B1C8L57689 then follow the instructions.

If you have any questions  please contact Claudia Quinn email ; tel 650-228-4698.

Happy shopping!