St. Francis Episcopal Church, San Francisco
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St. Francis Food Pantry

Food Pantry - Annual Report

The St. Francis Food Pantry had a great year. We have a client list of 190 households with an average weekly attendance of 130-140 depending on the time of the year and the weather. We continue to work closely with the San Francisco/Marin Food Bank regarding client enrollment, attendance and weekly food delivery. We make a monthly donation of $525 to the Food Bank towards the actual cost of the food we receive.

In addition to the Food Bank we work with 2 Safeway stores from which we pick up bread and bakery items on Sunday mornings. These items are saved at church until Wednesday. Our “bread runner” is Lin Woodard one of our community volunteers. She does a valuable service for our pantry and we very much appreciate her time and effort.

We are thankful for a wonderful group of volunteers who come on Wednesday afternoons to help receive the food, arrange the kitchen, weigh and count food items to determine the quantity each client will receive, and distribute the products to the participants. After the last loaf of bread or carton of eggs is given out we put the kitchen back together so it will be ready for the next group to use. We are fortunate to have Masad who completes the final sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. All this takes place between 1:30 and 5:00 pm. During 2014, we appreciated the participation of over 60 volunteers. We average between 18 and 25 volunteers each week. This includes our 5 coordinators. We are thankful for every one of them. We also are very thankful for the generosity of our St. Francis parishioners and other friends who give monetary support to our pantry.

Carol Thollander