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St. Francis Food Pantry

Food Pantry - Annual Report

The year 2013 was a good year for the Food Pantry.

Thanks to the generosity of St. Francis’ parishioners and friends who support the pantry, we raised a record $3,906 from the Santa Lucia celebration and the Choir’s Thanksgiving Evensong. This amount was matched with money from the Outreach Fund. In October, Susan Reamy wrote the annual Deanery Grant and we received $1000. We are very thankful for the generosity of our parishioners and look forward to continuing this ministry in 2014.

We also have been blessed throughout 2013 with an abundance of volunteers who come faithfully every Wednesday afternoon to help us set up the food and distribute it to our clients. We have between 15 and 20 parish volunteers, 9 community volunteers, a group of 4 boys from St. Cecilia’s School, and a wonderful family from Daly City who just want to serve others. Amy, Betty and Jessica (our college students) still come when they are on break. This group feels like family and makes our work more enjoyable. I would like to make particular mention of our volunteer Lin Woodard who works with two Safeway stores to get the bread that we give out each week. Since the only time Safeway had open to us was Sunday morning Lin offered to be the person who picks up the bread, loads it into her van, sorts and often repacks some of the bulk items while most of us are in church. She delivers the bread here on Monday where we store it until Wednesday. It is a physical and time-consuming task. We are very grateful for her willingness to do it for our pantry.

As we go forward in 2014 we will continue to send a monthly donation of $525 to the San Francisco Food Bank to help pay for the food we receive every Wednesday. This donation pays for approximately one third of the actual cost of the food. We have agreed to go back to receiving USDA products from the Food Bank. This helps their budget because some of our products will be subsidized by the government and will allow them to save that money on their end. It means a little more paper work for us, but hopefully some good products for our clients too.

Since we have sufficient money in our account at this time we can assume the cost for our weekly clean up ($20 a week).

A big thank you goes to our Coordinating Committee, Sally Oh, Susan Reamy, Ed Splichal, Carol Thollander and Rich Trezevant for their support and leadership of the St. Francis’ Food Pantry.

Carol Thollander