St. Francis Episcopal Church, San Francisco
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St. Francis Food Pantry

Food Pantry - Annual Report

This coming June the St. Francis’ Food Pantry will celebrate our 15th anniversary. The pantry currently provides weekly supplemental groceries to neighbors in the in the 3 zip codes near our parish. There are currently 186 households registered to receive food here on Wednesdays. We serve an average of 135 households per week. The Food Pantry continues to be an important outreach program in our parish.

To continue this outreach at the current level we need a minimum of $9500 annually. Our expenses include a $650 monthly donation to the San Francisco Food Bank to help off set the cost of the food they deliver each week. We also pay $20 per week for clean up to Masad, and we give a gas allowance of $150 per quarter to Lin Woodard who drives several days a week to 2 Safeway stores collecting bread and bakery products for our clients. Because you all have been so generous with your donations at our annual Santa Lucia celebration (including the matching funds) and because we received a generous grant of $1,500 from our Deanery, we are able to meet our financial obligations going forward into 2016. Thank you for this wonderful support.

The other type of support that is equally important to the future of the Food Pantry is our staff of volunteers. We have a large number of parishioners, neighbors, and students who work tirelessly so that the clients receive their food in an organized, safe and friendly environment. On any given Wednesday we have between 20 and 30 volunteers.

Within the larger group we have a core group of volunteers and coordinators who have additional responsibilities. This group provides the leadership and coordination for everything that happens on Wednesdays, and fulfills the obligations we have to the Food Bank regarding our clients and the products we receive each week.

In order for our Food Pantry to continue to thrive in 2016 and beyond we need to add new people to this leadership group. The current team has been serving in their roles for many years and would like to have more flexibility in scheduling the number of weeks they work during the year.

We are looking to our St. Francis’ Parish to discern whether the Food Pantry is an outreach that should continue into the future. If we do want to continue this outreach to the community we need to find additional people in our parish to serve in leadership roles. If you want to know more about serving as a food pantry leader please talk to one of the current coordinators: Carol Thollander, Susan Reamy, Sally Oh, Ed Splichal, or Rich Trezevant.

Carol Thollander